The artwork on this deck of cards may look like a regulation deck of cards, but it holds a few tricks up it’s sleeves. From readers to revelations, the deck was designed to not only be a fun keepsake, but a functional magicians tool kit – all hidden in plain sight.

Easter Eggs

Easter Egg 01


The King and Queen of Hearts each have the other person’s name hidden neatly in their robes, while Clubs & Diamonds hold a nod to Demi and Kenneth’s passions and interests.

For Demi, Coffee & Muay Thai.

For Kenneth, French Fries & Skateboarding

Easter Egg 02


Demi and Kenneth’s faces are captured in intricate illustrated detail on the Queen and King of Spades, making the deck a memorable and special keepsake.

Easter Egg 03

Back Design

The illustration on the back of the Isometric Yes is a rotationally symmetric take on one of Demi’s Ocean Spread pieces.

Demi’s Ocean Spread acrylic pouring art can be found at @Oceanspread

Easter Egg 04

Friends of Iso

The New Deck Order (NDO) and Photographer Chew Jun Hong make appearances in the deck, for their contributions to the wedding.

NDO, who assisted in printing this deck, has it’s name hidden in the design of the Jack of Spades (Jaspas Deck). The Jack is also giving a congratulatory ‘thumbs up’.

The Jack of Hearts (JH) has a tiny water droplet in its palm, symbolizing photographer Jun Hong’s sweaty palms.



Magicians only! To access the conjuring secrets of this deck, click here.

The password is what you would do to secretly switch the top and bottom halves of deck with each other.

The Classic, Hermann or Cover ****. Four letters, no caps.

Magic Credits furnished by Conjuring Archive.